If the concept of branding has ever confused you, you’re not alone. For many businesses, from those starting out to multi-million-dollar organisations, branding can be a challenge. But with the right agency, like our expert team at thirdegreeº, creating cohesive and effective branding is just a few meetings and some design concepts away.

If you’re after a brand agency Sydney-based that delivers targeted, appropriate and above all fresh branding, we’re the team to call. We don’t do imitations, and we don’t want you to be following in the footsteps of your competitors. With a combination of creative know-how, research and getting to know you, we can take your brand to the next level and make you look better than ever.

Why invest in branding?

What makes branding such an important part of your marketing strategy? Without a voice or a vision, your audience is far less likely to be listening to what you’re trying to say. It takes less than one-tenth of a second for the average person to look at your website or online presence and decide whether you’re for them or not. In that split second, incredible branding can mean all the difference between bringing in leads or handing them off to your competition.

Branding is about more than just showing a pretty face. A good branding agency Sydney-based will help you build a reputation with your customers, improving awareness and increasing that all-important trust. With 81% of consumers shopping exclusively from brands they trust, you need to give them a reason to trust you. With great brand marketing, you can become the de facto business in your niche and a trusted household name amongst your target audience.

What’s included in branding?

Branding encompasses just about every form of marketing and sales material you produce in one way or another. It’s the outward appearance, look and personality of your company. A cohesive brand is a consistent brand – and that’s something that your customers like to see. From the way you speak directly to customers to the colours you use in your advertising, branding is the foundation for your future marketing and sales activity.

What’s included? Anything from your brand persona, your tone, your logos and even the style of the imagery on your website all fall under the ‘branding’ umbrella. With a good branding agency in Sydney by your side, creating a brand for your business is a walk in the park. Our team at thirdegreeº doesn’t just pull a brand from thin air. They create something that suits the persona, style and needs of your customer base, which is the recipe for branding success.

Why choose thirdegreeº for your branding agency?

We’re as excited about branding as you are about getting customers to your business. With expertise in a wide array of branding techniques, creative methods, and practical applications, we are the team to turn to. Whether you’re clued in on branding or are ‘brand’ new to the whole thing, we’re here to help. Why not have a chat with our team today to pick our brains?