Online advertising isn’t always the best way to generate sales. The reality is that real-life advertising remains a powerful marketing tool. Using real-life and digital techniques can make a significant difference to outcomes.

One advertising avenue that often isn’t fully appreciated is truck curtain advertising. The right truck curtain designs can achieve quantifiable improvements in leads and brand awareness. Cost-effective and convenient, truck curtain marketing works!

Here we take a look at what truck curtain marketing is and the benefits it can bring to your marketing strategy.

What is truck curtain marketing?

Not all trucks have rigid sides: many have sides made from tough canvas or plastic polymer. Known as truck curtains, they can protect cargo from the elements if necessary, without the weight and inflexibility that characterise rigid truck sides. Providing a blank surface on the side of the vehicle, truck curtains are a good location to display advertising about your goods and services.

What are the benefits of truck curtain marketing?

There are a number of advantages that using truck curtains to market your services can bring. Some of these include:

Moving advertising

Trucks can cover hundreds of kilometres each day, potentially passing thousands of people. It is rare to find a form of real-life advertising that can reach so many people in such a short space of time.

A captive audience

Whether they’re stuck in traffic or waiting to cross the road, a high percentage of a truck curtain’s audience won’t have much else to look at except your branding. This ensures your advert gets uninterrupted viewing, often for minutes at a time. This contrasts extremely favourably with the high-noise online environment, where advertisers have only a second or two to get their point across.

Cost-effective advertising

Once the cost of printing the truck curtains has been met, it’s possible for them to be used for several months (or even years) with no further outlay. This results in an excellent return on investment. Durable and requiring minimal maintenance, there are few other forms of advertising that attract a constantly changing audience without additional work being required.

Reaching your local market

Particularly if you sell locally, your trucks are going to be most prominent where the bulk of your audience is located – a perfect advertising solution!

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