A photo speaks a thousand words

Humans are visual creatures. If something has visual appeal to us we are very likely to think positively of it. And that’s great news, because humans are also intrinsically lazy creatures and if they can be drawn to your brand by visual cues rather than having to (heaven forbid) listen to something or (shock horror) read something, then you’re half way to winning them over.

Of course, the opposite also applies. Using the wrong imagery in support of your brand can repel potential consumers before they ever get a chance to find out what you have to offer. That’s where harnessing the power of good photography can be so crucial.

Not all communication pieces require photography. But where it is used, photography forms a central part of brand identity and makes it easy to instantly engage a brand target audience.

Stock photos v’s your own photography

Picture the scene: you’ve just undergone a rebrand; your new website is in development; and you’ve got a sizzling copywriter on board to make your brand messages really sing.

All you need now is some photography to complement your brand promise. Easy! Readily available online, stock photos can be a great resource and a cost effective way of giving a brand some extra visual bling. This is particularly true when you need a quick image to spruce up a blog post or social media update.

But there’s a catch. Precisely because stock photos are so readily available and so cost-effective, you may well find that your images of choice have already been used by umpteen other businesses. And nothing can tarnish your brand’s reputation quite like giving the consumer the feeling that they’ve seen it all before.

At Thirdegree whenever we first sit down with a client, we always point out the benefits of having your own original photography. Many initially fear the cost, but in reality it’s something of a myth that photography is expensive. In any case, good photography is an investment which can provide you with great value over an extended period.

Get real

A lot of our SME clients have engaged the help of a professional photographer based on our recommendations. The result has been their websites and print collateral now stand out from the crowd.

Why? Because the photography is genuine. It has allowed the business owner to portray themselves, their staff and their services or products authentically and originally. And that’s increasingly important to today’s consumer.

We’ve all seen the image of the call centre girl with the head-set and billion-watt smile; we can almost feel the vice-like grip in the corporate handshake snap that underlines business integrity; and we’ve shared the joy of the cuddling couple who just saved 20% on dental bills / hair removal / hotel rooms.

The trouble is we’ve seen them so often we’re switched off from them. They could represent anything. That’s why we encourage you to give some serious thought to the style of images you want to represent you and your brand.

Do let us know if we can be of any assistance. Contact Thirdegree today.

PS – Don’t worry – if original photography is beyond your budget, at Thirdegree we have access to many of the world’s leading stock photo libraries and can find images to boost your brand without leaving consumers feeling like they’re suffering from déjà vu.