Picture the scene if you will: you have a growing, healthy business and your brand is developing a loyal fan base set to reward you financially for years to come. Out of the blue one morning you receive a letter in the mail that almost makes you blurt your mouthful of coffee all over the breakfast table. The threateningly-toned missive is telling you in no uncertain terms that you must cease using your tagline, logo, and other vital company assets that make up your brand. Why? You didn’t trademark it, and now someone else has snuck in under the radar and done it instead…

Trademarking – why it matters

Trademarking is your way of protecting you company’s brand or assets. It’s a lengthy process and doesn’t come cheaply, but it offers security, stability and peace of mind in knowing that what you are investing in is protected. Lots of larger brands trademark many derivatives of their brand to ensure everything they have developed is protected. Trademarking is not for everyone, but if you are really interested in getting a trademark then we suggest you speak to a legal expert ASAP.

The trademarking decision

Think it won’t happen to you? You could be right. But if Aussie business legend Dick Smith can lose a trademark battle it could happen to you. Feel free to have a read of this article. If the suspense is killing you about where you stand, you can do your own search via the this government website.