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Social I imsGlobal

Social imsGlobal needed to grow and engage with their communities. Firstly Thirdegree developed a bespoke digital strategy. Taking time to immerse themselves into their services tin order to gain insights that could then be developed into tailored content for these channels. Thirdegree developed, produced, maintained and monitored these channels via an ongoing digital strategy. [...]

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Digital Marketing I Sara Lee

Digital Marketing On the back of the launch of their new website, Sara Lee was looking to grow their on-line community of followers. Building on the motivation of the website and to inspire people to be creative with their desserts, the decision was made to run a promotion to give away a KitchenAid food [...]

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Motion I imsGlobal

Motion A picture tells a thousand words and a video tells the whole story. Imsglobal needed a snappy explainer video for one of their services. Taking time to ensure the messaging was on point and that consumers could understand quite an involved service was essential. The turnaround time for this project was from initial [...]

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UX, Website Design & Development I imsGlobal

UX Website Design & Development imsglobal needed an impactful modern website to showcase their rebrand and service offerings. Opting for a visually driven site to embrace the vibrant colours that their brand embraced was a natural fit. Thirdegree worked closely with Leadership team to develop their site, ensuring it was visually striking and effective [...]

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UX, Website Design & Development I Sara Lee

UX & Website Design Thirdegree worked very closely with the team at Sara Lee to plan the UX of their new site. Showcasing new products, ideas and attain deeper brand engagement through activities, promotions and latest news updates. The site required a fresh, contemporary look and feel that is easily navigated by users with [...]

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The Sussex I Bellriver Homes

Brand Marque & Digital Content Inline with their expanding housing developments, ongoing customer communication with both existing and prospective customers is essential for Bellriver Homes. Thirdegree worked closely with Bellriver Homes in developing their brand aesthetic and digital assets for "The Sussex" development.

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Everyone wants cheap until they get cheap

Everyone wants cheap until they get cheap Whether it's buying IT support or medical care, everyone wants to find the best possible quality at the lowest price. The mantra of 'cheap' has permeated into every part of our economy, even though we all know the perils of buying sub-standard products. But when the notion [...]

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Simple communication works

Simple communication works Sometimes, the most effective designs are the simplest - and some of the greatest ad campaigns ever contained no words at all! It's all about the idea and the clever ways that a simple concept can be conveyed, visually. Behind every good brand message and ad campaign, there needs to be [...]

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Fickle we have become

Fickle we have become Every graphic designer knows the dread of working with a picky client. But the reality is, the job of a creative is to deliver for that client and their vision. So when you hear comments such as: 'I hate the font and can't read it' 'I hate the colour' 'I [...]

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Database your face off

Database your face off Simply put, a marketing database has the power to make or break a business. Why? Because if you leverage it correctly, you have all the sales and marketing data and insights you could possibly need to run successful campaigns that convert leads to sales. And conversely, if you don't invest [...]

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CMS & why we recommend it

CMS & why we recommend it One of the questions clients have about website development is whether or not they should have a Content Management System (CMS) that sits behind it. And certainly, some years ago, most sites were built without these ongoing client-facing content management systems. Why? Well, on one hand, they added [...]

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Inbound vs outbound

Inbound vs outbound Inbound and outbound marketing sit at different ends of the spectrum in the marketing world. With outbound marketing, your efforts are focused on getting your offer out into the market, hoping that your proactive marketing efforts will be seen by the right audience. With inbound, your job is to build trust, [...]

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