CMS & why we recommend it

One of the questions clients have about website development is whether or not they should have a Content Management System (CMS) that sits behind it. And certainly, some years ago, most sites were built without these ongoing client-facing content management systems. Why? Well, on one hand, they added cost to the project as CMS systems were often bespoke, and also design agencies wanted to have ongoing business any time the client needed a website update.

Today, websites must constantly evolve and refresh with new content. How can you ensure your content is relevant for our audience, converting customers, delivering optimal UX and ranking highly for SEO if you aren’t constantly adjusting it, adding fresh content and optimising it for human users and search bots alike?

At Thirdegree, we don’t build websites without a CMS platform behind them. We believe that to do so would be to cheat our clients out of the best part of their digital presence; the ability to grow and evolve and the ability to be flexible, constantly adding new and necessary content to benefit customers.

The good news is that today’s CMS systems can be integrated using commercial software that is widely available and then tailored to the client’s needs by the developer. Our agency integrates powerful but user-friendly CMS systems so that our clients have the best possible resource to market their businesses. We can train and up-skill clients to use these systems (which are wonderfully easy) and ensure your digital investment has the best possible ROI.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, but we’re also one with ethics. So if you aren’t getting that kind of service from your existing agency, please contact us.