How to get the most from email marketing

Email marketing is still a hugely powerful channel for marketers. After all, it’s a form of marketing that gets your message directly into your target audience’s inbox. That recipient also has no choice but to interact with your email – that they have chosen to receive – in some way; whether that’s to read it in full, or scan the headline to know to delete it.

Email marketing is also affordable, engaging, and persuasive – and can deliver impressive returns when you get it right. Here are some tips for success from the email marketing team at Thirdegree.

1. Get your database in order

It’s vital to have a strong and up-to-date database. This means starting with quality contacts and then having a clear process to manage them, strip out unsubscribes, and update data. Segment your customer data by preference and other key demographics so that you can tailor your communications and target emails as much as possible.

Personalisation is a great way to engage with your audience and increase open rates, whether that’s using a personal name or offering a highly relevant, tailored offer based on purchase history. If you need to grow your database to reach more relevant contacts, then Thirdegree can help you to do this.

2. Create customer journeys

Think about how you will engage with your audience for different purposes. For example, you can send a welcome in response to a sign-up, perhaps with a promo code, a further offer to engage, or CTA (Call to Action). You can also send birthday well wishes, seasonal messages, and monthly ‘value-add’ content with explainers, tutorials, news, or other types of content that offer genuine value to the reader.

3. Have a clear plan

It’s vital to have a clear plan so that you know what you’re doing to support the broader marketing strategy and to align your email marketing with seasonal campaigns. Your plan will also ensure that emails are only sent out in a planned and organised way that makes sense to your end reader, and that results are measured, evaluated, and acted upon throughout the year. This plan will ultimately make sure you see a healthy return on your work.

4. Think creatively

You don’t have to send out an email to simply generate leads or sales. Consider its value in customer engagement too. For example, you can use email marketing to keep your existing customers up to date with what’s happening in your business or to alert them to relevant news that provides them with value – and your own analysis and interpretation. Think creatively for the best results!