How to succeed with digital content

Everyone’s talking about digital content, but without a strategy and plan, it can just become noise. If you’re going to invest time, talent, and budget into creating content, you need to ensure it will resonate with your target audience – and not just disappear into the ether. Too many brands are pushing out haphazard content and wondering why it gets them no returns. After all, digital content marketing is a channel that needs ROI like any other. Sure, likes are great – but unless you’re building engagement with the right customers and seeing a measurable impact against your intended objectives, you’re wasting your time.

Starting with strategy

Thirdegree is here to help. We’re experts in digital and we know how to create strong digital strategies that encapsulate the heart of your brand and your core objectives. Once we’ve pinned down your big-ticket goals, we assign deliverables and measures and help you to translate this into a plan.

All digital content should begin with the strategy and plan, and this requires time to think, analyse, test ideas and really work through the purpose of what you’re planning to do. Again, we’re here to help and make that process easier. We’ve worked with businesses and brands from across all sectors, and we’re adept at facilitating, guiding, and providing that valuable insight and structure that makes your planning time productive.

Planning your content

Once we move onto the content plan, we do so in a holistic way that is always targeted to your audience. Multiple content channels and formats are the keys here – you want to hit your audience where it spends its time online and you want to maximise content impact and share-ability. We look at imagery, video, copy, blogs, vlogs, and more, to build a powerful digital brand that works.

Stay manageable

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of producing masses of content. But you don’t need to. Even one good article a month is better than nothing and its production can be managed internally within your business or outsourced. Remember, your customers want something relevant and of value. They don’t want to be bombarded with noise.

Some useful pointers

We always remind our clients that it’s possible to build a strong digital footprint, network, and community to grow brand awareness and reputation, but it’s vital to use original content and correctly licensed assets. It’s also vital to remember that once any form of content is in the digital world – intended or otherwise – it’s almost impossible to retract. So you must make sure everything you post is aligned with your brand story and vision.

Find out more

Digital content production, management, and evaluation is a specialist job, so many brands choose to outsource their content to an agency such as Thirdegree. We’re here to make things easy for you, thanks to our specialist boutique team with particular expertise in digital content management. Contact us to find out more, and in the meantime, check out our further helpful hints for strong digital content management here.