UX investment and the need to keep it evolving

As the digital world becomes more sophisticated – and customers become more demanding in their expectations – businesses cannot afford to ignore their UX – or user experience.

Yes, you’ve built a website. Perhaps you’ve even built an app. But have you optimised it for smartphone use? Have you checked the bounce rate? Are your CTAs (Call To Action) and landing pages converting? What about page loading times? Are clunky graphics slowing your key pages down?

Intelligence in the UX space has skyrocketed but many businesses still aren’t investing in the data and analysis they need to keep on top of their customer journeys and optimise their website UX.

And it makes sense in many ways. After all, the psychology behind what actually constitutes a ‘good’ UX is personal and complex. To a degree anyway. The basics are always going to be present – such as the fact your customers want to reach their intended online destination in as few clicks as possible, with minimal noise and distraction, with fast loading times and with a 100% functioning, smooth and user-friendly digital journey that provides them satisfaction and perhaps even… a touch of joy!

Miss that window of opportunity and BOOM, your precious customer has floated off into the digital ether, ready to seek out your savvier, more optimised competitor.

So now really is the time to ask. Did you plan your wireframes or did your site just… evolve? Is your site or app currently bouncing like a ping-pong ball? Do you even know which pages are performing and which are dropping otherwise motivated customers off into the ether, never to convert for you at all?

We’re here for you

We get it. Building, optimising and maintaining a branded digital ecosystem in this online landscape is a huge challenge. If search engine algorithms aren’t changing, then your target audience is deciding that your core social media platform is passe and they’re moving elsewhere. The landscape is constantly changing, the goalposts are continually moving, and technology is evolving at a dizzying pace.

But although you and your business may not be ready to keep abreast of these changes – and feel excited about responding to them – your customers are. Particularly in B2C markets, and with younger demographics, these audiences are riding the wave when it comes to digital evolution and they’re keen to support brands who show the same commitment to change. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are only GEN Z customers either – the chances are your millennial and even Gen X audience are increasingly ahead of your corporate curve when it comes to digital awareness, engagement and sophistication!

So what can you do?

You can hire and develop an expensive in-house team to manage your digital assets day to day – or you can use the outsourced services of a digital agency. We provide ready and flexible access to the digital skills that you need – when you need them. our team works at the cutting edge of UX and comprises professionals with in-depth expertise and skills in the field – skills that they will rapidly leverage to take your website and app to where you need them to be. We’re effective, professional, and friendly – and we get results.