What businesses need to know about UX

For marketers, user experience (UX) is often the less-exciting cousin of glamorous, noisy, and exciting digital marketing activities such as content marketing, social media, and motion graphics.

But UX is the powerful enabler of all digital marketing experiences, and – put simply – it will completely influence how your customers behave on your website and other digital assets.

Provide a fantastic UX – or user experience – and your customers will stay on your digital assets and move towards your intended conversion points. That might be to buy online and complete a sale, or to register their details, for example.

Offer a poor UX and they will simply bounce to a competitor site, and probably not return.

The art of great UX

Digital developers work hard to develop smooth, streamlined UX for customers from the moment they create a new website. They use in-depth knowledge of customer behaviours and technology to predict what customers will do and want and then deliver it. For example:

  1. Today’s internet users are likely to be accessing your website via their smartphones – so your site must be mobile-optimised.
  2. When you plan a new website or app, you must put good UX at the heart of what you do. It can be time-consuming but it’s well worth the investment.
  3. It’s not always easy to get UX right. Customers are unique and their behaviour doesn’t always follow expected patterns, so businesses must always Beta test UX to see if it’s working as intended and then change it as necessary. The beauty of the digital realm is that it’s primed to adjust and evolve over time, so your job as a business is to make sure you’re ready to evolve too.

How do you know if your UX is working or not? Check by assessing your bounce rate. If it’s high, then it’s time to rethink what you’re doing. If your CTAs aren’t converting, you also need to look again. But the good news is, the team from Thirdegreeº is here to help. Our UX experts make it easy to assess, optimise and measure your UX flow – and to see the benefits of this work.