Why you need to consider motion for your digital platform

Did you know that younger audience in particular are moving away from Meta (Facebook) and Instagram and switching to TikTok because of one interesting thing… they love motion. And in this case, it’s the videos that Millennials and Gen Z are obsessed with. After all, these generations have grown up with moving digital images and they expect to be entertained, informed, and engaged through digital motion in different formats.

Whether we’re talking about the Millennial love of a good selfie, a Gen X review, or a Gen Z reel, motion is where customers are at. And brands need to respond to this desire for cutting-edge, rich, and immersive digital experiences that make the online world as exciting and fresh as possible. After all, businesses and brands are already migrating to the Metaverse, so this digital universe never stops moving!

Don’t be daunted!

At Thirdegree we work with businesses and brands across all industries and at all different stages of their digital marketing development and we always say – start small.

To be successful in digital marketing, you don’t need to produce the most, the biggest, or the most technologically advanced form of content online. You need to carefully think about what your audience wants, and then find a creative and impactful way to deliver it. Remember, the online world is full of noise and low-value clutter. So your job is to cut through that with smart marketing.

Start small with motion

For some clients, a good start to motion in digital marketing could be the addition of a parallax effect on the business website. Animated gifs are also simple, fun, and easy to catch the eye. Other brands might use selfies to engage with customers and to tell a story and others will find that explainer videos, product reviews, and testimonials work well.

Interestingly, many of these digital motion forms don’t require an expensive kit or editing and in fact, they can be delivered with smartphone technology. The key to a professional finish – and one that delivers results – is to have a broader strategy and plan that guides the purpose of what you’re doing. Be consistent with your messaging, your tone of voice, and the use of your brand.

Start small, measure what’s working, and see what your customers think. Listen, evaluate, learn and grow. It’s the way that digital marketing works to deliver your brand real results, and Thirdegree is here to help you succeed.